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Why is Boudoir Photography so Expensive?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

I recently bought my first house last year. This was amazing achievement and something I was working towards for a couple years. So as you might know, when it comes to purchasing a new home you need stuff to put in it. Now a TV wasn’t the first thing on the list. But I decide it would be nice to have in my down time instead of using my computer to watch the latest episode of Stranger Things.

But since buying a house took a lot of my savings. I was looking for something on the cheap side. I wasn’t to concerned on the quality. So guess what, Aldi had TV’s on sale. “Yep you know where this is going”. $500 for a “55” inch tv, perfect. I know that this wasn’t going to be the greatest entertainment system ever made, and the components like the tv controller were made of cheap plastic and felt like it would shatter into a million pieces if dropped it from a less then a metre high. Also the fact that the smart tv itself took a while to respond at times. But these are things I could live with.

2 weeks later the Tv decided to put lovely coloured lines across the screen and eventually decided to call it quits. So I got my money back and went to JB Hi Fi and purchased a $1000+ Samsung Ultra HD 4K television. Plus there's a big difference between both stores. One is an electric store and have staff on hand that can give you information and guidance as well as sell products from reputable brands and over all a more pleasant experience. The other is a grocery shop that sell everything from carrots to leg warmers and you can never really find anyone to help except for the person at the cash register.

I’m sure you have been in a similar scenario before. But as you can see even though both products are pretty much the same. It doesn’t always lead to having a greatest experience or purchasing an item that is high quality.

Choosing a photographer for your Boudoir experience can be much the same. So what do I mean by this. There are photographers who say they shoot Boudoir but offer it in the same way they sell a portrait session or a product shoot and have packages set up for the shoot plus a number of photos and although it's a good deal, to them it's another service they provide.

In saying that, What is it that goes into a Boudoir Experience with me?

You're paying for a Professional Photographer who specialise in portraiture capturing the beauty and intimacy of a women.

The first time I got feedback from a client saying, that I have never felt so good, I didn’t think I could look like that. Is that really me. Sparked a burning passion to help other woman see themselves a new light. More the just creating beautiful images of you, I wanted to reignite the inner confidence and goddess that’s waiting to be unleashed.

Not your everyday photoshoot.

There is a lot more that goes into a boudoir photoshoot and if you have ever done a photoshoot before you likely have only seen the final product. I thought I'd quickly break down our process when you book a photoshoot with us.

  • Booking Call - Before we book a client in. I like to spend time getting to know you a little and go through what our experience entails either through emails or more preferably a phone call. I want to make sure she is fully comfortable and understands the full process. 10-30 mins

  • Before session Planning - Emailing clients, preparing contracts & invoices, creating & sending prep guides, booking appointments, organising payment plans etc, booking shoot location, scheduling the team for the day - 2-3 hours

  • Professional hair and makeup service - Which you receive on the day of your shoot - 1.5 hours

  • Boudoir photoshoot - Your one on one portrait session with me- Approx. 2-3 hours (not limited to as we never put a time limit as to not rush clients)

  • Photo editing - Importing photos to computer, culling, editing, retouching, exporting, preparing digital gallery, preparing album ready for viewing - Approx. 5 hours

  • Viewing Appointment - This is arranged after your Boudoir session. Viewing your images, selecting favourites for purchase, designing album - 1-2 hour

  • Final Edits and Ordering - Putting the final touches on all images you purchased heading to print. Ordering albums, metal prints etc from our suppliers. 1 hour

  • Collecting your order- Meet in person to deliver your photos or preparing and sending your digital collection. 1 hour

  • Post-session administration - Sending invoices and receipts, sending digital galleries, organising collection of orders and doing pickup appointments, sending thank you emails - 1 hour TOTAL: 16-19 hours


As you can see, there is a lot of planning and work to get to the final product. Also we give a lot of thought behind each and every single clients Boudoir Experience.

A Boudoir Session should be more than a photoshoot, it should be an experience. An experience where it is very intimate and a safe place to feel vulnerable. That will make you feel confident and powerful. You want to make sure that you find a photographer that you can trust. and hopefully we can provide that service for you.

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